Week 22 – Nicola Davis


Introducing Nicola Davis

A note from Kerrie Phipps – I connected with Nicola and her fabulous difference-making world through social media and her passion jumped off the page. Nicola has made some brave decisions and I’m delighted that she’s shared some insights with us here. Enjoy!

Nicola Davis

Nicola Davis

Nicola Davis juggles family, her business, cycling and being a local Councillor on a daily basis. This UK born 33 year old has lived in South Africa and in England and now calls Australia home. She studied in England specializing in Conservation.

Nicola and her husband Paul moved to Australia in 2005 because of the  healthier outdoor lifestyle and numerous opportunities on offer. They started their bicycle and café business in 2009, and have two young girls. In 2012 Nicola was chosen by Cycling Victoria to receive training to encourage more women cycling. In that same year Nicola ran for local Council as she saw a need for fair representation of young families and small businesses in the region.

What makes your business story unique?

Our bike & coffee shop is unique in the outer northern suburbs of Melbourne. The driver for opening up a bike shop, was my husbands passion with cycling, and the fact we could live close to work. I had been spending ninety minutes commuting to work.

What do you love about business and life in Whittlesea?

Nicola and Paul Davis

Nicola and Paul Davis

Living and working in the same community is great, we can make good partnerships with other local family businesses. We are able to learn from and support one another. I easily integrate my social interactions with the community to try and assist them as a Councillor and a local mum. Being a Councillor I can advocate for better bike lanes and connections for active sustainable transport too.

How did you move from dreamer to achiever?

It takes guts to take a leap of faith that your dreams can come true. With lots of hard work and determination, ideas can come alive. My turning point was two years ago after the birth of my second child, where it was either pick myself up, skill up and grab every opportunity for our business, or just give up and be a depressed housewife.

What does success mean to you personally?

Success for myself is not particularly money. I mean money does help, but it’s the sense of helping a community, and in our little way we are helping people to choose a healthier alternative transport. We are getting dads and mums riding with their families, taking time out and enjoying the environment. Our goal is to make sure the customer is comfortable so they will want to ride time and time again.


Labour Treasurer Wayne Swan,Nicola Davis, Rob Mitchell Lab Fed MP, Mayor of Whittlesea Rex Griffin

How does your business contribute to your community?

We are very community focused. We run female specific rides and workshops to encourage women to break down the barriers of cycling. We assist through donations and teaching lessons with the local youth and adult immigrant programme. We sponsor local cyclists, male, female, young and old. And we donate prizes to the local primary school ‘Ride to School’ event.

What inspired you to run for Local Council?

ride at the parkMid last year, I saw a few newspaper ads encouraging younger women to consider running for local government elections, and I just came under the thirty-five year old bracket. Funnily enough that same week I had a maternal health nurse appointment for my youngest, and spoke to the nurse about possibly running and what ‘things’ did he want to see changed.  Wow I had opened the flood gates! The nurse just spouted out a lot of facts about family violence, drug and alcohol abuse all due to isolation and mortgage stress of our young families. So I said to myself ‘someone needs to stand up for these families and issues, and I guess I’m it!’.  Not everyone has to be so radical though and make life changing decisions like this, I encourage others that if they see an challenge or opportunity, to form a group of like minded people to understand and tackle the issue using their collective resources. The voice of many is more powerful than one!

Contact Details

Name: Nicola Davis
Role: Business Partner
Business:  Bike n Bean
Address Shop 5, 797 Plenty Rd,
South Morang, Victoria
Phone 03 9437 8501
Website: www.bikenbean.wordpress.com



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Week 12 – Rusty Russell


Introducing Rusty Russell

Rusty Russell

Rusty Russell

A note from Kerrie Phipps – I was delighted to meet Rusty last week after this fabulous nomination from his coach, Kristen Hansen. I can see immediately that Rusty’s eagerness to learn and connect with entrepreneurs and thought leaders is outstanding and it’s an honour to share his story here.

Kristen says – I’m proud to nominate Rusty because he is completely dedicated to his professional development and his company – a very fast growing business in regional NSW. He attended an Australian Institute of Management course on managing leading and developing people. He then engaged in executive coaching to develop his leadership skills. His attitude and results are exceptional.

Rusty Russell is the founder of Double R Heavy Equipment Repairs based in Mudgee and services additional regions including Dubbo, Gunnedah and the Hunter Valley. Driven by a good challenge Rusty has thrived on his journey to date including an agricultural upbringing, taking on an apprenticeship with (then) NSW Caterpillar dealer Gough and Gilmour and winning apprentice of the year. He then continued his career with six years of overseas work and travel in PNG, Europe and South America. Rusty considers mastering the Spanish language as one of his highest achievements along with being a country kid and adding surfing to his abilities.

Developing and growing Double R from a one man operation to a team of forty personnel over the past seven years since returning from overseas has been the latest chapter in this adventure story.

1. How do you love to explain your business to others?

Once I get past the services that we offer all owners of earth moving equipment, I love to expand on what makes us who we are. That is clearly our TEAM.

With a staff retention rate well above the industry average, our Company is more than just myself. We have a team of dedicated supervisors, leading hands, senior technicians and trades people who consistently surprise our clients and competitors with their enthusiasm and commitment.

Building this team, creating opportunities and enabling our people to develop is the greatest part of being involved with Double R.

2. Who are your greatest supporters?

Definitely my wife Kate, who I have been fortunate to share many adventures along the way from traveling through eastern Europe, working in Peru, developing Double R and raising two gorgeous daughters.

3. What do you love about doing business from your regional location?

From world wide experience I can say with confidence that Mudgee is one of the best places to live and work in the mining industry.

Double R Heavy Equipment Repairs team.

Double R Heavy Equipment Repairs team.

4. How did you move from dreamer to achiever?

I don’t really think of myself as an achiever, yet I do agree we have come a long way. The fact that we still have a long way to go holds back my thoughts on achievement. Though I am getting better at celebrating the successes along the way.

You cannot achieve without the dream in the first place. You can’t expect to say “Wow I made it!” without some idea where it was that you wanted to go.

All of the major steps in my journey to date have resulted from stepping out of my comfort zone. This has always come relatively easily to me with a natural thirst for adventure combined with being fiercely independent thanks to my upbringing.

5. What do you believe are the essential qualities or attributes of a successful person?

Integrity – I believe this counts. I hope I am not proved wrong as my journey continues.

6. What does success mean to you personally?

Our successes to date provide myself and our team a platform to build upon for our next opportunities.

I recall that most of my first 3 – 4 years in business was a mix of night shifts, weekends and constant exhaustion. Now with the support of our team on common goals I have rediscovered a drive for self-development. I have the opportunity to make the time to absorb knowledge through reading, attending courses when I can or listening to audio books. The Australian Institute of Management has a great selection.

The control I now have over my time provides great opportunities. It is not helpful to be so busy you can’t think on a big scale or meet an important person on short notice.

It’s not that I am not busy, I am just busy in better areas than earlier on.

7. What plans do you have to expand your business further?

Our immediate expansion plans include the construction of our purpose built workshop in Mudgee. A facility of this size and capacity will be a first for our region and will support our clients and teams in Dubbo, Gunnedah and elsewhere.

The work shop construction program during 2013 will not inhibit other growth options. An entrepreneurial mind set and keeping an eye for opportunity will remain a key driver for myself and the Company.

Contact Details
Name: Rusty Russell
Role: Managing Director
Business Name: Double R Heavy Equipment Repairs
Address: PO Box 1051, Mudgee NSW 2850
Phone: 02 63 733 735
Website: www.dblr.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Double-R-Heavy-Equipment-Repairs/

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Lifting The Lid On Quiet Achievers


Success Stories of Regional Entrepreneurs

Lifting The Lid On Quiet Achievers

Lifting The Lid On Quiet Achievers

The book, Lifting the Lid on Quiet Achievers – Success Stories of Regional Entrepreneurs, features individuals of all ages who will inspire you with their ideas and attitudes that helped them build successful businesses in regional Australia.

This engaging read by Kerrie Phipps includes up close and personal interviews with Roger Fletcher (Fletcher International Exports), Nathan Shooter (Thrive Media), Mary Brell (Keys to Success), Robin Strang (The Two Madhatters), Pam Hardgrave (Lillydale Farmstay), Jacqui Greig, (style magazine) plus 5 other equally inspiring success stories.

Lifting the Lid on Quiet Achievers is a practical, down-to-earth book that highlights entrepreneurialism and innovation in regional Australia, and shares specific tools and ideas that will immediately empower you personally and professionally.

For each copy sold we plant a fruit tree on your behalf to to provide nutrition and income for a family in rural India.


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