Week 21 – Bec Heinrich


Introducing Bec Heinrich

A note from Kerrie Phipps – You know I love a young Difference-Maker! I’m so delighted share Bec’s story and so grateful to receive Matt Rule’s nomination. He says “Bec is awesome! I worked with her on State SRC in High School. Her commitment to developing young leaders is truly inspiring!”

Bec Heinrich

Bec Heinrich

At the age of 16 Bec Heinrich launched her first business and in 2004 at 21, Bec embarked on her second business venture by co-founding Rising Generations (RG). RG is a not-for-profit social enterprise which delivers leadership and character development programs for young people, partnering with more than 350 schools annually across Australia. In 2013 RG celebrates its’ 10th year and the milestone of impacting the lives of 150,000 young Australians.

Bec was born in Sydney, has completed a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Law Degree at Macquarie University and studied Social Entrepreneurship at Stanford University, USA. Bec loves sport (in particular tennis), travel and adventure and enjoying great food and coffee experiences. In 2008 Bec trekked the Kokoda Track with two other friends, Bec and Bek (yes, 3 x Becks) to raise some money for a group of women in the KUP Region of PNG. A recent trip to Uganda was a life changing experience and her motto for leadership is “People before Progress.”

How did Rising Generations begin?

The vision of RGs, as it is affectionately known, was birthed over a glass of red wine in the Hunter Valley with business partner Tina. We sat chatting about our hopes and dreams for Australia, our desire to see a new generation of leaders rise up and the need to build vibrant, positive communities. Working with young people and partnering with schools felt like the perfect launching pad for this vision.

The name came from a song with the lyrics “I can hear the sound of a Rising Generation, not afraid of love or dreaming of the future.” These lines underpin the vision of RG, to see young people mobilised, with an ability to love who they are and to serve others, and to encourage people to dream great dreams for their future.

I was privileged during my high school days to have a couple of key teachers really take me under their wing and invest in me. They helped me think differently about what I was capable of and influenced me enormously. This has made me passionate about supporting and encouraging teachers as they have the capacity to play such a significant role in the life of every young person.
In addition to this, in Year 11 at high school I spent a month with a group of 20 other young Australians studying and learning about leadership in the USA. This experience profoundly impacted me and set in stone a passion in me for developing the leadership, character and capacity of people. It is now more than a decade on and this passion for me is still alive!

How would you describe the Rising Generations journey?

Getting a vision off the ground is never easy. For 10 years now many people have invested so many hours of blood, sweat and tears to build what RG is today. The greatest lesson I’ve learnt during this journey in terms of success is to just keep putting one foot in front of the other, day after day, and over time you will find yourself a long way down the journey looking back in amazement! I’ve loved the opportunity to work with friends, to build something that is bigger than ourselves and create a company culture that is vibrant, fun, values people and creates a space for people to grow, personally and professionally.

SLC 2013 ConferenceThere have been many challenges on the RG journey including two of us being victims of an assault whilst in Alice Springs for a school program, having a colleague in a coma for 40 days in 2012 after brain surgery and losing $500,000 when a major sponsor unexpectedly pulled the plug. This caused a major financial challenge for our organisation. These challenges have been the tough moments of leadership and life and yet they are the experiences which have taught me the most.

What makes your the RG story unique?

The most unique aspect of the Rising Generations story is the community of friends who have invested in and who continue to offer support to this day. Although trying to have a big impact on our Nation, and possibly the world, we are about partnering together with people to build something that we hope will outlive any one of us. There have been many who have contributed and been part of the RG story, to see this vision succeed!

Some of RG Army (Volunteers) at NLC 2012

Some of RG Army (Volunteers) at NLC 2012

What have you been learning as a leader of generations Y & Z?

RG currently employs 15 people, has over 250 volunteers and has built a vibrant community of supporters and donors called “The RG Army.” More than 80% of these people are born after 1980 (that is Gen Y and now Gen Zs). As a Gen Y myself, I love and appreciate so much about my generation. But humbly I admit, we have some interesting needs and pose some unique ways of doing things for the employers of Australia! Gen Y and beyond have grown up in a world dominated by technology, educational opportunities, the erosion of loyalty, a need for constant stimulation, a belief we can be the boss within 24 hours and a desire to change the world. For most of our team at RG, their job with us is their first. Laying good foundations in their lives and giving feedback is a critical part of what we do. Ultimately the challenge is to create a workplace where they are able to say “I feel like I belong.” I’ve learned people are what make a business. People are what make a team. I believe if you put ‘people before progress’, the progress, outcomes and success will come.

What are the most important things you’ve done to grow your business?

Co-Founders of Rising Generations - Bec Heinrich & Tina Cameron

Co-Founders of Rising Generations – Bec Heinrich & Tina Cameron

Focus on culture! I recently heard it quoted that “culture is the oil that allows the machinery to operate. Without it, everything would grind to a halt.” Culture is critical. When you build a great culture, for your clients and for your employees, you are building the most formidable marketing team.

Strive to become excellent at what you do. Under promise and over deliver. Be faithful and have integrity in the little things. Rather than be all things for all people, clearly know what you are not and become the best at what you are. I think staying focused on your core purpose and not drifting away from it is really important for successful and sustainable growth. Keep your team energised and engaged and growing.

What do you believe are the essential qualities or attributes of a successful person?

A few essential qualities are perseverance or grit, being able to stay the course in the long term despite the daily setbacks. From my experience, there are likely to be many! Humility is also important. I think leadership often requires a person to eat humble pie and admit mistakes, say “I’m sorry” and show grace to people. I am grateful for the grace people have shown me.

Contact Details

Bec Heinrich
Co-founder and CEO
Rising Generations
220 West Street
Crows Nest NSW 2065
02 8030 7170
Webs- www.risinggenerations.org.au
Blog – www.peoplebeforeprogress.com.au
Twitter – @BecHeinrich

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Week 19 – Genevieve Nelson


Introducing Dr Genevieve Nelson and the Kokoda Track Foundation

A note from Kerrie – it’s an honour to introduce you to Genevieve, as she’s become part of a significant journey for me and my family. We met in PNG last year and I saw evidence of her work in Kokoda and nearby villages. Her generosity, passion and commitment is truly inspiring.

Genevieve Nelson

Genevieve Nelson

Dr Genevieve Nelson is the executive director and one of the founding directors of the Kokoda Track Foundation. She holds a doctorate in cross-cultural and educational psychology from the University of Western Sydney (UWS) and is an expert in education in Papua New Guinea. Genevieve is also an Adjunct Research Fellow with UWS as well as a psychologist. She has walked the Kokoda Track 18 times and spends at least 2 months of every year in the remote communities implementing and monitoring the Foundation’s aid programs. Genevieve was a finalist in the 2012 Telstra Business Women’s Awards in the Marie Claire Young Business Woman category and won the 2012 Silver Stevie Award in the Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year category in the US. Genevieve lives in Sydney with her husband James who travels regularly to PNG with her.

How do you love to explain The Kokoda Track Foundation?

The Kokoda Track Foundation is changing lives… literally! I am so proud to be involved with such an innovative organisation, filled with the most passionate and dedicated staff, volunteers, and supporters that is really making a difference where it counts in PNG. Our work in education, health, community development and microbusiness across more than 40 communities is changing and improving the lives and futures of the descendants of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels…. who were there for us during our darkest hours.

Genevieve Nelson at Pawa Givim Meri

Genevieve Nelson at Pawa Givim Meri

What makes your business story unique?

My business story is also a very personal one. It is about how walking the Kokoda Track and visiting our nearest neighbour 13 years ago steered my life onto a new trajectory and literally changed everything about who I was and what I would become. Knowing that of all nearest neighbours in the world, PNG and Australia have the greatest disparity of poverty and wealth, simply did not sit well with me. And putting this in the context of what the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels did for the Australian Diggers 71 years ago on that treacherous track – we have a debt that is now owed to their descendants. My story is one of passion, commitment, love, and frustration; and it is also a career path, a livelihood, and a pathway that will carry on throughout the rest of my life.

Who are your greatest supporters?

I am overwhelmed every day of my life by the generosity and support of Australians and Papua New Guineans who make our work possible. We receive no government funding from either the PNG or Australian governments and all of our work is supported by corporates, philanthropists, trusts and foundations, and the general public. I am constantly amazed at the generosity of people and how what we call the “Spirit of Kokoda” is well and truly alive and at work today. It makes me want to be the most generous and compassionate person that I can be and spurs me on in those moments when working in international development can seem all too hard.

As a Founding Director of the Kokoda Track Foundation…

Kokoda PNGWhat was your biggest sacrifice in getting the Kokoda Track Foundation up and running?

Only occasionally do I look at it as a ‘sacrifice’ – it is more often just the exciting journey that my life ended up taking – but it is the involvement of all people and components of my life in the Foundation and more generally in PNG-related projects. I don’t think there is a single person that I know that I haven’t involved in one way or another in the work of the Kokoda Track Foundation. Growing an organisation from its tiny beginnings to the thriving organisation that it is today came only as a result of an enormous amount of voluntary contribution from hundreds, if not thousands of people. My family and friends are all deeply involved in the Foundation and will most likely continue to be for many years to come.

Genevieve crossing riverWhat does success mean to you personally?

Success for me is about making a contribution.  It’s about leaving something behind and helping those less fortunate. I’ve been lucky throughout my relatively short career to have achieved the highest level of education as well as high-level career milestones; however for me that all pales into insignificance if you don’t make a contribution. Success is about having a vision and leaving a legacy and I hope that I can leave even the tiniest legacy behind twenty years from now with where I hope to take the Foundation in the years to come.

Genevieve Nelson
Executive Director – Kokoda Track Foundation
Level 2, 189 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000
+61 2 9252 2992
+61 412 869 210
Website – Kokoda Track Foundation
Facebook – www.facebook.com/KokodaTrackFoundation
Twitter – www.twitter.com/KokodaTrackFdn

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Week 14 – Tania Dolinschek


Introducing Tania Dolinschek

A note from Kerrie Phipps – I LOVE the combination of adventure and learning. Just love it. I hope you enjoy Tania’s story as much as I have. I can’t wait to meet her one day!

Jane nominated Tania with this comment “Tania is a great leader in her role on the training ship Leeuwin and through her workshops “What are your parrots saying”. Tania teaches children and teens about their inner voice. She makes it fun by becoming Captain Fran Pirate Captain. (And her first book is nearly out).”

Tania Dolinschek

Tania Dolinschek

Tania Dolinschek has led quite an adventurous life. After completing her BSc. in Physiotherapy, Tania decided to divide her time between healing physical ailments and helping young people develop through personal discover voyages onboard sailing ships such as the STS Leeuwin II.  Her adventurous side saw her take part in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. Part way through the leg from Geraldton to China, her boat ran aground on a reef and with broken ribs, was picked up by the opposition along with the rest of her crew men. This experience inspired the creation of her business Sail Through Life and her first book “Pieces of Eight: what is your parrot saying?

Sail Through Life inspires and empowers young people to reach their full potential through interactive workshops, camps, books and coaching. Basically we bring the adventure and lessons from life at sea to land so that everyone can experience the lessons without having to set foot on a boat!

Sailing Through Life

How do you like to explain your business to others?

My business is unique in that it uses the metaphor of sailing to introduce and teach concepts and lessons to both young and old. Through interactive games workshops, tutorials, books and coaching, I use the lessons used at sea to make learning fun. Few people get to dress up like a pirate to “go to work” running programs for young people on skills such as team work, leadership and resilience.

What plans do you have to further Sail Through Life?

I would like to expand the business into running longer camps 4-7 days where students from as young as 8 yrs can immerse themselves in a positive learning environment. Having a longer period of time with people allows them to practice and grow their new skills in a safe environment. It also allows for learnings to be layered to achieve deeper understanding.

Tania DolinschekCan you tell us about a challenge you’ve faced and what you learned?
For me it was the moment when I stood on the yacht of our rescuers’ boat owning only what I was wearing and my passport. I realised then, that how lucky I was to be alive and that there was a bigger game to play. It was no longer ok to just go to work each day and help one person at a time. I wanted to inspire and empower larger groups of people, especially children to achieve their full potential. Once I had committed, the transition just happened.

What was your biggest sacrifice in getting your business up and running?

My biggest sacrifice has been a structured life! Working from home part time, working part time as a physio and dance teacher at night, has created a fair amount of juggling! Whilst I love the freedom and flexibility, I have to work very hard to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

What does success mean to you personally?

Success to me means waking up each morning thankful for what you are able to contribute to the world. If you are happy and fulfilled doing what you are called to do and are able to survive financially doing what you love, then I believe you are successful!

Tania Dolinschek
CEO – Sail Through Life
ph. 0405217579
Facebook – www.facebook.com/sail.through.life
Twitter – www.twitter.com/taniadol
Linked In – www.linkedin.com/pub/tania-dolinschek/
sail through life


Week 13 – Lauren Burke


Introducing Lauren Burke

A note from Kerrie Phipps – I love fresh perspectives, and global perspectives, and you know you’ll get that when you meet a representative to the UN. I sat in a cafe with Lauren yesterday and could’ve stayed all day!

Lauren Burke

Lauren Burke

Lauren Burke is passionate about social issues, the advancement of social equality and the empowerment of women and girls. Growing up in Dubbo, Lauren is particularly interested in social issues impacting rural and regional populations. In 2012 Lauren was the UN Women Australia Youth Delegate to the 56th session of the Commission of the Status of Women (CSW56), where the priority theme was ‘The empowerment of rural women and their role in poverty and hunger eradication, development and current challenges. Lauren is currently working to share her learnings from the young Australian women she consulted with prior to CSW56, and the inspirational young women she met while at the event. Lauren now lives and works in Canberra  in the Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet.

Lets get to know Lauren, UN Women Australia Youth Delegate

1. How do you love to explain your work to others?
I have always been interested in social issues and I believe everybody should have access to the same opportunities to be able to live a happy, healthy and productive life. Since moving to Canberra in 2009, I have been involved with UN Women Australia, and I have learnt that gender equality is a fundamental pillar of social equality.
Knowing some of the issues that face populations in rural and regional areas, such as limitations of access to critical services, I am acutely aware that empowering women can be even more challenging in some of these areas. I applied to be UN Women Australia’s Youth Representative for CSW56, excited about the priority theme that was focused on empowering rural women, and the opportunity to represent the thoughts, views and perspectives of young Australian women, particularly those from rural and regional areas.

2. Who are your biggest supporters?
My family has always been the strongest support anybody could ask for. Since I was a young child I have been encouraged to aim and aspire for nothing less than absolutely everything I can dream of. And they have always shown complete and unfaltering belief that I can achieve everything I put my mind to, and that they are proud of everything I do. Since late in Lauren Burke UN Women Australia Youth Delegatehigh school, my fiancée Ben has been my biggest supporter, encouraging me to go and get anything I want, all the while knowing that he will be right beside me, and helping me to pick up the pieces when I bite off a little more than I can chew! I also have a large, close and diverse group of friends who I learn from every day and who have always got my back.

3. How did you move from dreamer to achiever?
I have long had a vast array of interests; at school, for example, I was in a very large number of music groups, netball teams, other sporting groups, debating teams, and involved in student politics. My poor parents spent so many hours in the car driving me to and from all my activities!
I have learnt that I am always going to be most successful and happy when following my interests. I followed my interest in government and international relations, and particularly health policy into University and then into a job I love in the public service in Canberra. I followed my interest in social issues to volunteer with UN Women Australia, and my interest in the issues facing rural populations to apply for UN Women Australia’s Youth Representative position. I am always learning from the people I meet, work with and volunteer with and discovering more opportunities to pursue.

4. Tell us more about your interest in social issues?
One of the reasons I am so interested in social issues and matters that affect the livelihoods of people, is because I am passionate about community. Growing up in Dubbo, and since leaving to live in Sydney, Scotland and Canberra, I have realised how important a strong community spirit is to me. Of course, community doesn’t have to be just about a particular location, but also about like-mindedness, or a shared interest. This is where I think the biggest shift has occurred in recent times – a ‘community’ can now be global. And the benefits of this can be invaluable, for example the global community dedicated to advancing gender equality being able to sharing their knowledge, experiences and passion throughout the world; those who have more opportunities being able to assist and advocate for those with less. I have also has a strong Lauren Burkedrive to give back to my communities for the opportunities I have been given, and that is exactly why, prior to CSW56 I came to Dubbo and the western region to talk to consult with young women, so that I could represent their views and perspectives on the global stage.

Lauren Burke
2012 UN Women Australia Youth Representative to the Commission on the Status of Women


Week 10 – Amy Coombe


Introducing Amy Coombe.

A word from Kerrie Phipps – I love an over-comer! Amy Coombe is inspirational.

Jane Pelusey nominated her with this comment. “Amy tells a story of teenage bulimia and  depression. One day she realised her inner voice was lying to her. From then on she was able to turn her life around. She now talks, coaches and mentors young people. And she discovered all this at such a young age.”

Read on…

Amy Coombe

Amy Coombe

Amy’s story is, sadly, not unique. Her personal journey involves battling Anorexia, Bulimia, severe Depression & the onset of suicidal experiences during her teenage years where she managed to hide her illness and suffer in silence.

What Amy is now doing with that experience however, IS unique!

Having overcome her demons, rebuilt her life and walking the talk of a fully recovered survivor, Amy is extremely passionate about using her experience to change the lives of others and assist in building a future generation of men and women who are confident in their own skin, self empowered, and have positive and healthy self esteems.

Last year Amy Coombe spoke to over 3000 people, appeared in CLEO magazine, the West Australian and the Narrogin Observer.

She shares her personal experience and the tools she has professionally developed as a Nationally Accredited Coach. Amy is in the process of completing a National Accreditation as a Practitioner in NLP and Time Line Therapy and is excited about finishing her book this year to assist anyone who may need to hear what her heart has to share.

1. How do you love to explain your business to others?

There’s no denying the fact that Eating Disorders, Depression, Self Harming, Negative & Unrealistic Body Image and low Self Esteem are issues that both teens and adults face everyday.

My business is about doing anything and everything I can to help; raising awareness, sharing my story and personal experience, working one on one with someone, work-shopping through their thoughts and doubts or by simply having the courage to show a complete stranger that they are not alone, that someone else understands what it’s like and that they will get through it if they choose to never ever give up.

2. What plans do you have to expand your business further?

I started this journey for myself; to turn my negative experience into a positive believing that if I could help just one other soul then it happened for a reason and that reason was worth it. Over the past 12 months my reason has done a complete flip; I’m no longer doing this for myself, I’m doing this for those who need it.

Amy Coombe SpeakingMy plans have grown (and continue to grow each week!!) yet the funny thing is, it’s not me who thinks of the next step, it’s the people who I’m working with. For example, I delivered some flowers to a hospital in Perth over Christmas for those who were in the Eating Disorder Ward. From that I now hold regular consults with a Mother and I’m in a writing “pen pal” phase with her Daughter and together we are working a plan as to how I can help them get through the toughest patch of their lives.

Every person is different so I tailor a personalised service that really fits what they need and that can only be done by building a relationship of trust, communication and a desired end result for all involved.

I have a dream to hold self esteem and body image workshops in WA for teens. 10 weeks, 2 hours a week where they can have a dose of self empowerment and learn how to cherish who they are inside and out. I have a dream to speak at 90% of schools in WA, to be a regular at Women’s Events, build an online community where people can help each other and to write as many books as I can!

3. How did you move from dreamer to achiever?

Fear is something that stops so many of us in our tracks; fear of failing. Fear of rejection. Fear of not being good enough. I knew that this would pop up for me throughout my journey so I did 3 things to move from dreamer to achiever:

  • Created a MASSIVE reason why I must push past the fear and keep moving forward (& I mean MASSIVE!). My reasons for doing this are huge. They involve my own personal reasons, reasons for others and reasons for the life I want to create for my family. When your reason is big enough you literally can’t stop, even if you wanted to; the fire within your soul burns so brightly that you just keep going.
  • I married a man who believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. During times of doubt, fear or ‘I’m exhausted and need to give up’ he hung onto my vision, reminded me of my reasons why and held my hand to just keep moving forward. Within no time at all I would be out of that doubtful patch and back into exciting new opportunities and he’d just smile as I took off again with a burst of renewed energy!
  • I got all of my excuses out on the table (literally) and I worked through them one by one until I didn’t believe any of them anymore. I had a couple that were too big for me to tackle on my own so I sought the help of Mentors. I now know that if I don’t achieve it’s not because of my excuses it’s because of a choice that I’m making.

Amy Coombe and Kids4. How does your business contribute to your community?

There are a lot of wonderful professionals in this field and I’m not trying to replace any of them. Sometimes it’s easier to relate to someone who has been where you are, more than someone who has studied text books on what you’re going through.

I have so many people tell me that their Doctors are wonderful but when they’re with me they feel like I really “get it” and that’s because I really do!

My business is designed to fit in alongside the professionals as an extra resource that people can use if they need to; Parents, Teens, Teachers, Event Organisers, Businesses or anyone else that needs a dose of inspiration.

Name: Amy Coombe
Role: Speaker, Coach, Facilitator and Mentor
Mobile: 0422 060 793
Website: www.amycoombe.com
Facebook: Amy Coombe or http://www.facebook.com/AmySpeaksAustralia


Week 8 – Leio Ohshima McLaren


Introducing Leio Ohshima McLaren

A note from Kerrie Phipps – Leio’s been featured on the Today Show recently, and other media, but I first saw his app mentioned on facebook. This story has gold for anyone who reads it. Hard work makes dreams possible.

Please ‘like’, share and use this story to encourage others. I’m encouraged!

Leio Ohshima McLaren

Leio Ohshima McLaren

Leio’s nominator sent in these comments – “Leio was featured on the Today Show last month as the Youngest App developer in Australia at the age of 13. He created an iPad app to help assist young children learn the sounds of the alphabet. He is inspiring as he is not only very young but he had a goal to make an app within the year and he achieved it in that timeframe. He is also donating 20% of all his profits to an organisation 100% Hope to help educate orphaned Ugandan children.” – Mark

Leio Ohshima McLaren has become one of Australia’s youngest ‘App-preneurs’ with the recent release on the Apple App Store of his independently designed and developed iPad app, Phonic Buddies. 2012 was an extremely busy year for Leio as he balanced his leadership role as Primary School Captain at King’s Christian College on the Gold Coast and spent precious free time developing his programming skills and AppApp&Away business. The precocious debating captain and student magazine editor has always been passionate about using technology to educate and entertain others. Leio’s willingness to help has been well recognized and he is passionate about setting the example of his mantra “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard”.

1. How do you love to explain your business to others?

I love computers and technology and helping others therefore, I wanted to conceive a business that combined both of my passions. During the process of developing my app and the associated business acumen required for such a venture, it became obvious to me that I had taken on a huge challenge that many would say was unachievable for a 12 year old. However, I proved to others and myself that hard work and dedication to your passion can give you the ability to achieve your dreams.

Leo's app, Phonic Buddies

Leo’s app, Phonic Buddies

2. What makes your story unique?

I think that many people are surprised to hear that as a 13 year old I was able to develop an app and have it approved on the App Store. On release, Phonic Buddies became the no 1 educational app within 48 hours. For me this was just awesome! I am in no way a genius or child prodigy however, my determination to set a goal, learn all that was required and manage my time effectively enabled me to successfully achieve what I had set out to do. I am proud of my accomplishments so far and further inspired to continue in this field.

3.    Who are your greatest supporters?

Firstly, I would definitely say that my parents and family are ALWAYS incredibly supportive of me. They continue to encourage me through feedback and advice when needed. Most of all, I know that they believe in me.

Leio on today showSecondly, I must also give credit to the wonderful support given by my teachers at King’s and their willingness to help foster my skills and talents. I wouldn’t have started anything like this if I wasn’t given the opportunities I have had at King’s with their 1:1 Apple laptop program. It’s amazing what a young person like myself can achieve when given a positive, caring and supportive environment.

4. What is your approach to marketing and how or are you becoming known?

It’s difficult to get noticed on the App Store as I do not have a large marketing budget like bigger and more established companies. I rely on the fact that I have created a quality educational app and hope for recognition through media, articles, word-of mouth, social media, etc.

Phonic Buddies from AppApp&Away

Phonic Buddies is available on the App Store for $1.99 with 20% of all proceeds being donated to the 100%hope charity that assists in helping educate orphaned children in African communities. I have a personal connection to this charity via Miss Grady, one of our exceptional teachers at King’s. She has actually left her teaching position at the end of 2012 to pursue her mission work for this absolutely awesome charity in Uganda. I feel strongly that our generation becomes aware and shows empathy for others less fortunate in countries and communities who aren’t as blessed as we are in Australia.

Contact Details
Name: Leio Ohshima McLaren
Role: CEO and Founder
Busienss Name: AppApp&Away
Mob. 0406 553 635
Web. www.appappaway.com
Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/appappaway
Twitter. @LeioAppAppAway
iTunes. Phonic Buddies

AppApp&Away Logo



Week 3 – Lisa-Marie Kerr


Introducing Lisa-Marie Kerr

A note from Kerrie Phipps – I was delighted to meet the enthusiastic and inspiring Lisa-Marie (on the phone) after hearing great things from Wendy Millgate, who’s a facebook friend of mine and Lisa’s Editor. We all love meeting Difference-Makers, and I know Lisa-Marie has and will have a positive impact in young lives across Australia and beyond. Enjoy her story and share it around!

“Lisa-Marie is taking substantial steps to make an impact on the lives of Australian youth – who are our future. Lisa’s own youth was far from ideal but she shows that if you truly want something, you can make it happen. Her book Get Job Ready is extremely practical, is written in a voice young people will relate to and equips them with fantastic tools to build their self-esteem and get a job. Lisa-Marie inspires me by her drive. She supports her family, is a mother of 3 and works full-time as a youth placement officer, yet she is promoting her book and programs as well as that’s her passion.” – Wendy Millgate

Lisa-Marie Kerr

Lisa-Marie Kerr

Since the age of fifteen, when she got her first job, Lisa-Marie Kerr has managed to get every job that she ever wanted. She has over fifteen years experience in recruiting and employing teens in her own businesses and in others.

Lisa-Marie recently discovered that her lifelong passion and purpose was to inspire and make a difference to teens on a global scale. This discovery led her down the path of writing her first book for teens, Get Job Ready: A teen’s guide to getting their first job.

Lisa-Marie Kerr is determined that she will help teens start their success journey in the world of employment by empowering them through self-belief and giving them the right tools to get that job.

When she is not working with teens, Lisa-Marie is a wife and mum to a gorgeous 6-year-old and stepmother to two amazing teenagers.

1. Describe a significant business (or other) challenge you have faced. How did you approach it? What did you learn?

My whole life I pursued career paths that I was passionate about. This essentially was always the key to my success. Six years ago, I stopped following my passions and entered into a business I thought I wanted to do, and that I felt obligated to do. Two years ago after much blood sweat and tears, my husband and I lost EVERYTHING!

Things were so bad, I didn’t want to live anymore, and I almost checked out for good.

The gift in this overwhelming loss was the rebirth of myself, and the discovery of my true purpose and passion. I didn’t know how, I simply knew I wanted to make a difference on a global scale to teens. And so “Get Job Ready” was born.

Lisa-Marie knlGet Job Ready

Lisa-Marie and her book Get Job Ready.

I promised myself from that moment on, I would only ever pursue things that brought me joy and made a difference to my life and others.

2. How did you move from dreamer to achiever?

When you lose everything financially, and emotionally you are clinging on to life by a thread, you soon realise that the only thing keeping you going apart from your amazing family, are your dreams.

Determined to once again live a full and passionate life, and be a good role model for my children, I set about making my dreams a reality. At first my dreams were overwhelming! They quite literally paralysed me with FEAR! Fear of failure again!

However in spite of this, I made a plan. I broke my dream down in to small bite size tasks and set about ticking them off my to do list one by one.

Before I knew it, I was surpassing some of my original goals and had to set about creating new ones.

3. What plans do you have to expand your business further?

My overriding dream or goal for my business is “To make a difference on a global scale”. Writing my book was one of the first significant steps towards that dream.

The next step I am now working on, is a Teachers Resource kit, which will include lesson plans and activities. It is my dream that “Get Job Ready- A teen’s guide to getting their first job” will be taught in every high school across the country and become a part of the national high school curriculum.

From there I would then like to see it adapted and taught in countries around the world.

4. What is your approach to marketing and how did you (or are you) becoming known?

I invested in PR rather than marketing. I invested in PR to get my story out there and to become recognised as an industry expert in my area of expertise and passion. I chose this method over marketing as I believed I had a story that was newsworthy and people would be able to connect with.

Apart from that though, my marketing is on a much smaller scale. I quite simply and quietly go about trying to make a positive difference to every person I come in to contact with.  This has seen people I hardly know become cheerleaders for my cause. I don’t do sales, I do relationships, and it seems to make all the difference.

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Name: Lisa-Marie Kerr
Role: Founder
Business Name: Get Job Ready
Address: 26 Lade Street Coorparoo QLD 4151
Phone: 0424 273 853
Website: www.getjobready.com
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