Roger Fletcher


Roger Fletcher

Fletcher International Exports Pty Ltd, Dubbo, New South Wales

Roger Fletcher is a self-made success story. From droving sheep in 1967, he is now the owner and proprietor of one of the most successful abattoirs in New South Wales, Fletcher International Exports Pty Ltd at Dubbo and Fletcher International WA near Albany in Western Australia. This now making Fletcher International Exports the largest sheep meat processors in Australia.

Roger’s droving days came to an end in 1972 when he started using the council and government owned abattoirs throughout NSW and QLD – especially Moree – and then branching out to lease the boning rooms at Mudgee and Gunnedah abattoirs. In 1988, the Greenfield site of the Dubbo abattoir was commissioned, and has since been expanded to become one of the world’s leading sheep meat processing plants. In 1990, the fellmongery commenced operations and 1995 saw the start of the wool scouring and topmaking plant. The company processes its own wool and significant quantities of shorn wool into tops, which are sold across the world to be made into yarn.

In 1998, the company expanded into Western Australia with yet another Greenfield site being developed at Narrikup (near Albany). Like the Dubbo plant, Narrikup is fully integrated, processing all parts of the animal, with wool being sent to Dubbo for processing. The Western Australian plant also includes pelt-pickling facilities and a fellmongery.

The company’s main production is sheep meat, wooltops and various by-products, which are exported to more than 95 countries. Fletcher International – both plants – has the capacity to process up to 90,000 sheep per week, and employs over 1300 employees in total.

Roger Fletcher is currently a member of the following committees:

  • Chairman of the Australian Processors Council (National and NSW State Export Lamb, Sheep and Goat Industries Council)
  • Board member of the Australian Meat Industry Council
  • Vice Chairman of the Australian Wool Innovation

Locally, Roger is also a patron of Westhaven Industries, the driving force behind the Get Real Program, and a board member of the Australian Technical College – Central Western NSW.

Roger is married to Gail, has three children, Pamela, Melissa and Farron, and lots of grandchildren.

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